Study visit on the theme of Design in London

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In September 2015, a group of 10 craftmen from artistic/creative professions traveled to London for 3 days, to strengthen their professional and cultural knowledge on the subject of Design in the arts and crafts in England.

This study visit was set up by the CMA Lyon-Rhône as part of EASY EUROPE mobility and co-financed by the ERASMUS + program.


The objectives of this study visit were:

  • To strengthen the economic knowledge of England,
  • To understand the structuring of arts professions,
  • To meet different professionals, decision-makers within professional organizations and federations,
  • To initiate exchanges of good practices,
  • To learn about UK continuing education systems.

Visit program

More specifically, professionals in the Design sector were able to:

  • Learn about the economic context of arts and crafts in the United Kingdom and about the trade valuation labels.
  • Visit the Cockpit Art Incubator, the Royal College of Art, and the Art Gallery: The Conran Shop.
  • Meet Camille Berry, Interior and Renovation Architect.
  • Participate in the 100% Design fair.
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