MADAME: A collaborative project to improve gender equality in rural areas

Logo MADAME : Motiver, Accélérer, Développer l’Accès des femmes aux Métiers de l’agro-artisanat pour une Egalité professionnelle sur le territoire rural

Motivate, accelerate, develop women's access to professions in the sectors of agriculture and craft for professional equality in rural areas.

Craft and agricultural businesses are key players in the development of the local economy in rural areas. They provide jobs and local services that are essential to residents and help to support the transformation of territories towards a perennial and sustainable economy.

Nevertheless, certain crafts and agricultural professions are still very gendered, with a very marked male dominance. These two sectors suffer from numerous obstacles to professional diversity and gender equality:

25 %
This is the pourcentage of women that are at the head of a craft or agricultural company.
28 %
This is the pourcentage of women apprentices in crafts and agriculture.

To understand the mechanisms at work and develop solutions adapted to the specificity of rural areas, the MADAME project was selected among the 21 winners of the call for application named “Collective mobilization for rural development” launched by the French Ministry of agriculture and food in 2018.


To understand the obstacles to professional diversity in the sectors of agriculture and craft.

The objective is to better understand the obstacles to professional diversity in the sectors of agriculture and craft in rural areas in order to develop and experiment adapted solutions.

More specifically:

  • To identify the decisive factors and the obstacles to the consideration of professional diversity,
  • To raise the levers to develop equality and professional diversity in agricultural and craft companies, to propose and experiment innovative solutions in rural areas,
  • To prioritize and deploy successful experiences and innovative actions.

Targeted audiences

Companies, apprenticies, training centers, general public (schools, high schools, parents) and political and institutional authorities.

Main activities

  • Action 1 : elaboration of a study to understand the decisive factors and the obstacles to professional diversity.
  • Action 2 : design and testing of innovative solutions in rural areas.
  • Action 3 : prioritization and multiplication of achievments and innovatives actions.

Starting dates

October 2018 (36 months)


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