ESTEEM: Enhance and Stimulate Trust while Exploring new forms of Entrepreneurship Modules

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Development of innovative methodologies to encourage and support professional diversity in the craft sector.

The sector of craft is a major player in the economy, which has benefited in recent years from a new attraction by people with a first professional experience and choosing the craft sector to do a career change. 

However, the craft sector can still suffer from a degraded image in the eyes of the general public, who still too often consider that craftsjobs can be difficult and offer few prospects. This negative image also persists due to a lack of professional diversity in many activities. For example, the proportion of women at the heaf of a craft companies is only 27% and they are under-represented in certain sectors (mechanics, construction).

In addition, experts in charge of entrepreneurship assume that women create fewer businesses than men because they encounter more obstacles (financial, time, even self-confidence).

The diversity of jobs, professional equality between women and men and female entrepreneurship are therefore priority issues for the craft sector.


To stimulate trust and promote female entrepreneurship by developping innovative methodologies to support the creation of craft companies.

Targeted audiences

Women wishing to start a business, women entrepreneurs, professional organizations, political and public authorities.

Main activities

  • Study of the psychological codes and cognitive aspects of a business leader.
  • Design and experimentation of innovative modules around female leadership.
  • Implementation of good analysis practices between managers.
  • Construction of a tool to identify existing financial tools and facilitate access to financing solutions.

Starting dates

October 2020 (24 months)

Project coordinator


This project is co-funded with the support of the European ERASMUS + program


› Presentation of the quantitative and qualitative investigations carried out to study how the psychological codes and cognitive aspects of a business leader are influenced by the gender

Study report

Women entrepreneurship: a literature review

The literature review’s primary goal is to provide new and established women entrepreneurs with tools and information on the state of art of entrepreneurship mainly in Europe, reflecting about skills and challenges, leadership and gender, etc. It focuses on aspects identified by literature as transversal to different societies.

This report matches the tendencies observed in IO1 report and will serve as a basis for the development of innovative modules to help women entrepreneurs increase their leadership skills.

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