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TRaining for APPrentices 

The European mobility of apprentices is a phenomenon that has been developing over the past fifteen years. Numerous measures allowing financial, administrative, legal and partnership supports have been put in place to contribute to this. However, the proportion of apprentices benefiting from a professional experience in another European country during their training remains very limited.

3 to 4%
of French apprentices carry out European mobility during their apprentisceship.
72 %
of them have an international experience of less than 1 month and rare are those who leave for more than 3 months.
2.9 %
of French apprentices go abroad for 6 months (on an European level, this average drops to 0.8%).

It appears fundamental to work for the establishment of a genuine European area of vocational training for the benefit of apprentices!


To facilitate long-term mobility of vocational training in apprenticeship and post-apprenticeship.

TRAPP is an innovative project that aims to facilitate, secure and promote long-term mobility during apprenticeship and post-apprenticeship, through pilot experiences in the hairdressing and car mechanic sector. 

Targeted audiences

Apprentices, professional organizations (professional training organizations, companies and business networks interested in the mobility of apprentices), political and public authorities.

Main activities

4 mais activities:

  • Legal framework: what legal modalities must precede the organization of a long-term mobility?
  • Human resources: how to maintain human resources in the sending company during the time of the mobility?
  • Educational framework: how to guarantee the continuity of the educational path, whatever the place of training?
  • Assessment / certification: how to recognize and value mobility in the apprentice’s educational path, once he/she has returned to his/her country of origin?

Organization of a pilot phase of cross-mobilities between TRAPP project’s partners: a company A and a company B exchange an apprentice with the same level of competence during the same period of time in the hairdressing and car mechanic sector.

Starting dates

October 2019 (24 months)

Project coordinator


This project is co-funded with the support of the European ERASMUS + program

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